Main information

WHERE: INCHEBA Prag - Holesovice

WHEN: 11.11. - 14.11.2010


Dear friends,

We are pleased to inform you last past the 16th Erotic Sex year's Fair 2010, which took place from 11 to 14 November in the right wing of the Industrial Palace in Prague Holesovice.

We would like to thank all the stars Fair, which arrived in Prague and performed exactly as previously Charged program. We were enjoying the presence of former porn stars and producer Dolly Buster, who has discussed with the audience present on the differences in shooting porn in the past and today and the candidates can get the signature of autographs during the two.

Ladies, who stood, and on Saturday arrived at the famous Italian dance performance group, were certainly very happy, because it not only seen by a great and innovative show, but members of Cohors could then dance until the morning hours.

Our thanks go as well as other stars of the fair. Visitors enjoyed such sexologist Radim Uzel, actress Vittoria Risi, Queen of Leon, Tarra White, Electra, Cynthia Vellons, actors Robert Rossenberg, Neeo or Steve Q.

New this year was fucking Championship - SEXCOMBAT.

Friday became a champion competitor Veronica ((the poster above left) - 1st place, 20 moldings), second place went to the Saturday girl Lello ((on the poster right above) - 19 moldings), bronze position is Sunday racers (Ally Style (for poster below left) and finished fourth girl, who the race on Thursday launched Manuella (on the poster below right).

The competition is also the title of Miss Erotica 2010th Angelina won (age 27 years, 165 cm, weight 51 kg (NEI Report)); 2 place - Katarina (age 22 years, 177 cm Weight 53 kg (DISCOWORLD)); 3 instead Silvia de Lux (age 21 years, 173 cm, weight 52 kg (UNITEDMODELING))

Within four days, 6,000 people visited the fair.